HTerm 0.8.6 release

A new HTerm version is available with these changes

  • Windows XP should be supported again (cannot test it myself, please provide feedback!)
  • Multiple fixes for crashes and memory leaks
  • Small UI improvements
  • Lots of internal cleanup and modernization, please report any regressions

For more information check the changelog. The download links are here.

I am currently looking into the much requested cross compilation for Raspberry Pi. Current Linux versions only support x86/x64 architecture, not ARM yet.

Also many thanks for all the emails and support!

HTerm 0.8.5 release

More fixes and small improvements:

  • Good news for all windows 32bit users, HTerm is again running on that platform
  • Fixed fully using one CPU core when using with some ports
  • Fixed baudrate input field losing focus when typing

For more check the changelog. The download links are here.

HTerm 0.8.4 release

HTerm 0.8.4 is again a bugfix release that fixes old and new bugs:

  • Fix input format selection broken in 0.8.3
  • Fix flickering input and output controls on windows
  • Fix file dialogs not showing files without extension

You have to install the latest Visual C++ runtime when getting a missing VCRUNTIME140_1.dll error on Windows. Links to the installer can be found in the FAQ section.

The download can be found here.

HTerm 0.8.3 release

HTerm 0.8.3 is a bugfix release that contains:

  • Switch to wxWidgets 3.1.3 to allow fixing layouting issues resulting in cut-off controls on Windows and Linux. This also improves using HTerm with display scaling enabled on Windows.
  • Fix a bug that caused the input control cursor position stick to the left after selections.
  • Improve generated list of ports on Linux by including /dev/pts and filtering by access permissions.

The download can be found here.

HTerm 0.8.2 release

There is finally a new release of HTerm that targets current Windows and Linux systems.

  • The Windows build is for Windows 10.
  • The Linux build is for 32 and 64bit and based on Ubuntu 18.04 library versions.

Beside some fixes for potential crashes most of the changes were under the hood like modernizing the buildsystem and targeting a newer wxWidgets version and compilers. With this out of the way future fixes and changes will be faster and easier.

The download can be found here.

Website relaunch

More than 14 year after the initial launch it was time to create a new and more modern website. Gone is all the ugly handwritten HTML with tables and spacer images.

The new site is based on Pelican with bootstrap3 theme.

The project section was cleaned up and also fully translated to english.

  • HTerm is not updated yet but will be in the near future. At least a rebuild for modern OS is planned.
  • HVProg is set to unsupported.
  • makegen and collectd42html are removed, they are long replaced by better tools. In the unlikely event that someone still wants them write me and I will gladly help.