HTerm 0.8.9 release

A new release is out with multiple usability and accessibility improvements.


  • The font and font size for received and transmit data views can be customized. Also the thickness of the combined view underlining.


  • Saving data to a file has better separator selection and can saved combined transmitted and received data into one file.
  • The comport search pattern can be customized, only directly via configuration file for now. Save a configuration and search for “ComportPatterns” (Linux).
  • The wait command accuracy is improved (Windows). See readme how to use it.


  • HTerm runs on Windows XP again.
  • Quality is improved and issues fixed on high resolution displays (Windows).

See the changelog for a full list. Download links are here.

HTerm 0.8.8 release

The new release fixes a serious performance bug and adds more features for combined view.

  • Fix bug where lots of received data leads to massive slowdown that can cause lost data.
  • Combined transmitted and received view now color codes by data source and adds an option to separate the data by newline for easier reading.
  • Old config and sequence files containing non-ASCII characters can be open again without converting them to utf-8 first.

Details, the full list of changes and download links are here.

HTerm 0.8.7 release

The new version has these highlights:

  • Improved support for accessibility and dark themes
  • Combined view of transmitted and received data
  • More efficient memory usage for large data
  • Fixed lots of visual glitches and inconsistencies

Details, the full list of changes and download links are here.

HTerm 0.8.6 release

A new HTerm version is available with these changes

  • Windows XP should be supported again (cannot test it myself, please provide feedback!)
  • Multiple fixes for crashes and memory leaks
  • Small UI improvements
  • Lots of internal cleanup and modernization, please report any regressions

For more information check the changelog. The download links are here.

I am currently looking into the much requested cross compilation for Raspberry Pi. Current Linux versions only support x86/x64 architecture, not ARM yet.

Also many thanks for all the emails and support!

HTerm 0.8.5 release

More fixes and small improvements:

  • Good news for all windows 32bit users, HTerm is again running on that platform
  • Fixed fully using one CPU core when using with some ports
  • Fixed baudrate input field losing focus when typing

For more check the changelog. The download links are here.